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BREAKING NEWS: M. Daniel Schteingarts "Keely's Song" chosen as a finalist in one of the world's most prestigious international competitions- The John Lennon Songwriting Contest!

BREAKING NEWS: M. Daniel Schteingart named a Suggested Artist by Song of the Year!

uPlaya Gold Auddy Award

Dan is the founder and host of NYC's Best Open Mic, a breeding ground and supportive environment for extremely talented and aspiring songwriters, and the New York chapter leader of Songsalive, a global songwriting organization.

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M. Daniel Schteingart's work as a composer and songwriter has yielded praise from industry professionals for several years. He was recently named a Suggested Artist by "Song of the Year", and his work "Keely's Song" was a finalist in last year's John Lennon Songwriting Contest. His songs are "poignant, colorful, and written with powerful emotion and harmony". He combines the academia of music theory and composition learned at the Juilliard school with raw instinct and a rich sound, and has played at venues from New York to Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Schteingart received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California. Living in Alaska, Dan's simultaneous work in music at two of the largest radio stations in Anchorage and as a photographer, capturing such Alaskan moments on film as wildlife, glaciers, and northern sunsets began his career in both the visual and aural realms.

Dan has been in New York for nearly two decades working as a Composer, Photographer and Television Producer. He produced for HBO's on-air promotion department for many years, as well as for the PBS Music series "Great Performances", working with many high profile musicians and orchestras.

Dan's music background is deep, not only as an award-winning songwriter and musician, but having founded one of the most successful open mics in New York. He bridges songwriters with industry professionals weekly, and produces many successful artists.

He also leads the New York chapter of Songsalive, helping artists with their music, fostering a supportive environment for them to grow and improve their music into a commercially viable form.

Dan is a Music Therapy MA Candidate, with studies from New York University. His music therapy work with hearing impaired preschoolers, and adults in hospitalized inpatient psychiatric units have allowed him to utilize music as a means of communication and healing.

His current album, Red Balloon, is a series of five songs, with the goal of exposing children to many languages concurrently, capitalizing on their ability at a young age to remember sounds, inflections, and pronunciation. Along with this, the songs are also geared towards supporting a child's social growth, security, and self-worth.

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